Transport systems throughout the UK are expensive to build and run, which leads to ever increasing ticket prices.
The Time Party will boost investment in road, rail and air infrastructure. This includes planned expansion at several of the UK's airports. We will seek to expand motorway width where possible. Rail freight will be encouraged.


  • The Time Party would scrap the vanity project HS2 and spend its estimated cost of some £100bn on upgrading existing rail infrastructure, renewing signalling and returning to service decomissioned track wherever that might be commercially viable and structurally possible.
  • The Time Party will boost investment in road, rail and air infrastructure.
  • Maintain the CrossRail 1 & 2 programmes.
  • Encourage the expansion of Gatwick, Manchester, Luton, Birmingham, Stansted and other airports. We will review the proposal for a new six runway hub airport near London.
  • Widen motorways wherever possible and revisit the original two-tier design of the M25 at its pressure points.
  • Encourage rail freight.
  • Review inland waterway canal transport.
  • Review routes with tolls to assess the viability of reducing charges.
  • Scrap electric car subsidies.
  • Scrap EU-CPC driver examinations.
  • Ensure the installation of electric vehicle charging points to meet demand.
  • Review government support for driverless cars. Check feasibility of use in the UK before any commitment to infrastrusture spending.
  • Enthusiastically promote ‘Park & Ride’ schemes for urban areas.


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