The Time Party believes that the Justice system should treat all people equally with emphasis on the principle of being innocent until proven guilty. TIME will seek to improve the effectiveness of the police force through the use of a community evaluated system

Crime & Justice

In the decade before 2014, the police achieved great success in reducing crime. However, since then, recorded statistics reveal an increase in crime overall in the UK, hence there needs to be a strengthening of police efforts and facilities to reverse this upward trend. Where necessary, TIME will provide for more personnel and greater technical support to enhance performance.

The Time Party proposes that the community-based system of policing, already established is perfected right across the UK, via a process whereby people can develop a genuine affinity with their local police service. A public feedback facility will be available, via an online questionnaire, on Police and Crime Commissioner websites so that all communities, in each ward, can voice their issues or concerns. This feedback will be reviewed quarterly and collated improvement suggestions implemented wherever possible.

  • Replace the Human Rights Act 1998 with a revised version that does not enable international criminals to avoid justice.
  • Disengage from the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).
  • Law in the UK to be regarded as supreme.
  • Increase UK Border Force staff  by 10,000.
  • Increase the size of the Police Force by adding 30,000 officers.
  • Consider the repatriation of hardened foreign criminals upon the completion of their custodial sentence.
  • Offer Ex-MOD service personnel government employment.
  • Reduce court/tribunal fees.
  • Seek to legislate for a nation-wide referendum on the legalisation of approved forms of cannabis.
  • Introduce measures to tackle the Knife Crime Epidemic.
  • Significant reform to the UK prison system, the details of which can be found on the Prison Reform proposal page

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