TIME will focus on the specific needs of UK manufacturing, construction, retail and services sectors. The Party will ensure that as developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) progress, so too will opportunities for workers. To improve productivity, the country's infrastructure will be upgraded and STEM education and training prioritised.


The UK’s economic growth and consequent prosperity can be improved greatly by upgrading infrastructure to reduce delays and speed up communications. We at TIME will concentrate on all aspects of infrastructure to enhance society’s performance.

  • TIME will retain the British Business Bank (BBB) and enhance its reach in providing credit to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

  • Post-Brexit the funds hitherto earmarked for the European Investment Fund of the European Investment Bank will be channelled into the BBB.

  • The Time Party will establish an  Acquisition Turnaround & Divestment Corporation (ATDC) with the remit to intervene in key circumstances when iconic UK businesses are threatened with a takeover by an overseas entity. Such target businesses will include those impacting vital national security issues.

  • Investment in skills, innovation, research and development (R&D).

  • Support Information Technology and Communications especially the roll out of high speed broadband to all rural and urban communities.

  • Support the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries.

  • Time will create Coastal Enterprise Zones (CEZ) and consider creating Free Ports in key locations within those CEZs.

  • We will strive to achieve quality control of raw material imports via the efficient and selective use of tariffs (the duties imposed on imported goods) and the use of anti-dumping regulations.

  • SMEs will be encouraged to bid for government contracts.

  • All publicly funded vehicles, e.g. Buses, Police cars, Ambulances, Local Council vans, etc. to be UK-manufactured wherever possible.

  • Instigate a ‘prompt payment code’ to help SME cash flow.

  • The Time Party will establish an Industrial Development Bank with the remit to provide appropriate loans to boost nascent businesses in emerging industries and long-term loans to established companies in mature industries.

  • Protect workers' rights wherever possible.

  • Ensure that the Intellectual Property Office, which protects patents, works closely and seamlessly with the ATDC to make certain that, wherever possible, ownership of key patents does not fall into foreign hands.

  • Maintain the UK Land Registry as a non-ministerial department of the UK government.

  • The Time Party will examine the viability of the creation of a UK Government-backed vehicle manufacturer focussing on the production of  purpose-built taxis and minibuses, capable of seating a minimum of 5 and 8 passengers respectively, for domestic use and export.

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