Self driving vehicles : on a road to nowhere!

I must admit, self-driving (or driverless/autonomous) vehicles (let's concentrate on self-driving cars! aka: SDCs) are extremely impressive in their performance so far, but will they ever achieve complete autonomy?

Martin White : Monday, Aug 30, 2021

How You're Being Manipulated

This article is the first of a short series examining the background of the unsettled and shifting social environment in which we live today.

[Name withheld at author's request] : Thursday, Aug 26, 2021

Why does Brazil underperform its potential?

Brazil is the largest economy in South America. Why isn’t Brazil considered a developed country yet?

Ivan Canas : Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Fly the Flag

The Union Jack is a precious national asset. We must protect and make the most of it.

Martin White : Friday, Apr 16, 2021


It’s time to treat developing countries with more respect. Trade deals are the obvious way forward.

Robert Kimbell : Saturday, Apr 10, 2021


Democracy ? Really ?

Robert Kimbell : Friday, Apr 9, 2021

African debt to China and
how Britain could stop enslavement

Many African countries have benefited from Chinese investment to boost development but are now landed with insurmountable debt mountains. Britain can provide consultancy advice on escaping the trap.

Robert Kimbell : Thursday, Jan 28, 2021

Intellectual Property Theft : it’s no joke

Britain's growth & prosperity is held back by relaxed global attitudes to copying, often tacitly endorsed or even assisted by Chinese and Asian governments [other nationality thieves are also available].

Stuart Haycock : Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

Britain – Fundamentally Great

Britain is destined to grow. It's in our DNA and we're well-placed to capitalise on our strengths.

Robert Kimbell : Friday, Jan 1, 2021

Trade Blocs and Customs Unions

Brexit looms. What’s a trade bloc, and what’s a customs union?

Robert Kimbell : Sunday, Nov 29, 2020