A quick summary

The Time Party intends to deliver lasting change in the United Kingdom that will benefit all of its citizens and residents. Structural reforms and improvements to the political system, society, the country’s infrastructure and economy are needed to achieve this aim.

Bold initiatives, fresh thinking and steadfast determination are the hallmarks of TIME. Importantly, the Party will always act responsibly, placing the interests of the United Kingdom and its people above other considerations. The Party shall be a political movement focused on serving our country and advancing the wellbeing of all of our people. Towards this end, the Party’s objectives are:

  • To preserve protect and defend the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the United Kingdom.
  • To advance the well-being and safeguard the freedom of British citizens via democratic government.
  • To develop and maintain a robust dynamic economy which creates better lives for all, which enables every citizen to reach their ultimate potential.
  • To build a just society which supports and inspires individual effort and family responsibility while ensuring local and governmental assistance for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  • To develop and enhance a vigorous meritocracy, with opportunities for all of the country’s citizens to develop their skills across the full spectrum of economic, social and professional activity.
  • To develop a democratic system where citizenship embraces both rights and duties, encourages a sense of collective and individual responsibility and community action.

The Time Party’s principal objective is to stand candidates at United Kingdom parliamentary elections to expedite the necessary political reform described above. The Party may also stand candidates at local or devolved assembly or parliamentary elections.

TIME will work ceaselessly to advance all of the citizens of the United Kingdom irrespective of their religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and physical or mental capability.