Party Core Values

We're often asked what we stand for.  Here's what.

Our Core Values define our political ethics and how we approach policy making and reform of the UK political scene.

You can read or download a concise PDF here (opens in a new tab), or read them below.


The Time Party is committed to a rejuvenation of government through policy review and reorganisation, focussed on simple clear thinking, and ditching the baggage of legacy policy formulation. Only wholesale review is capable of delivering societal change on the scale necessary to achieve this. We have established a set of Core Values to guide this critical direction.

Accountability & Transparency

Central and local government are opaque in their functions & processes, and operate inside a power bubble which defies public scrutiny. Government at all levels must be accountable for their actions and decisions.

Individual Empowerment

Each individual must have freedom to express, work, create, think and live as they wish, while recognising their responsibility to contribute positively to society and not to harm or constrain the freedom of others.

One Person : One Voice

Mainstream public opinion is drowned out by vocal pressure groups, an entrenched media and the power of the state. A right of free speech, e-democracy tools and binding petitions will create true democratic power.

Innovative Policy Formulation

Develop policies free of legacy thinking & structures, starting from core principles, based on proven research, evidence & science, ignoring vested interests, to create real reform without layers of legislation.

Depoliticise Key Services

Key public services, such as health, education, transport and policing need long term stability of direction and funding. They must be depoliticised to be free from disruptive short-term policy churning.

Decentralise Power Regionally

National & supra-national centralisation of power erodes the vibrancy of our regions. Reconnecting the people with their own regional parliaments will restore their right to thrive economically and culturally.

Protect Our Realm & Freedoms

We must be capable of defending our territory and our economic independence, internationally and domestically, through an effective military capability, global soft-power and a resilient civil infrastructure.

Liberate UK Business

Business must be free to innovate and grow on a level playing field, supported by local entrepreneurial investment centres, so they can compete in a global market, free from unnecessary administrative constraints.